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The Team

Who We Are


Penny Perry

President, Partner, Talent & Development

Ms. Perry is responsible for overseeing development and negotiating and packaging projects with talent and directors. Her duties include budgeting above-the-line costs and building and maintaining relations with industry peers, including agents, managers, attorneys, studio executives, and talent.

Penny Perry has an extensive background in the entertainment industry; with over 25 years as a casting director, and casting over one hundred movies. She is considered one of Hollywood’s top “A-list” casting directors, and has been nominated for many awards. Penny is a member of both the Motion Picture Academy and the Television Academy, and has been active in Women in Film and the Independent Feature Project West for Independent Filmmakers. She has also held many high-profile executive positions, such as Vice President of Talent for Sony/Columbia Pictures, Vice President of Talent for HBO and presently the President of Talent for Larry Levinson Productions / Hallmark Channel.

Her years in the Entertainment Industry have enabled her to establish strong relationships with the top agents and managers in the entertainment industry, including Ed Limata/ICM, Joe Funicello/ICM, Eddy Yablans/ICM, Steve Dontanville/WMA, John Fogelman/WMA, and Nicole David/WMA, just to name a few. Penny Perry has consistently discovered many talented people, including Michele Pfeiffer, Cuba Gooding Jr., Heather Graham, Daryl Hannah, Dennis Quaid, Robin Wright Penn and Mila Jovovitch.

Some of her most noted movies are "Cocoon", "Ordinary People", "Midnight Express", “Young Guns”, “The Jerk” and “Time Cop”. Ms. Perry has been packaging talent and producing projects for the last five years. Ms. Perry produced “Hollywood Sign" with Tom Berenger, Burt Reynolds and Rod Steiger.

Eugene Davis

Partner, Acquisitions & Production

Eugene Davis is an established actor and accomplished producer with more than 25 years entertainment industry. He started his acting career on stage in New York and attended the Neighborhood Playhouse, where he studied under Sandy Meisner. He has performed on stage in numerous productions with actors such as Richard Gere and Robert Duball, and has held starring roles in plays including “Dymeter’s Lost Daughters”. In addition, Mr. Davis starred in Roger Vadim’s feature film, "Night Games".

Mr. Davis’ experiences as an actor have proven to be invaluable in managing talent as a producer, and lend to his exceptional ability to match an actor to a project. Together with Ms. Perry, Mr. Davis formed Rocking Horse Productions with the purpose of finding character-driven projects.

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