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The Company

Rockinghorse Productions produces, completes and markets commercial feature movies in the worldwide marketplace. The Executive Management team of Penny Perry and Eugene Davis are entertainment industry professionals who have proven experience developing and producing movies of varied scopes and budgets.

Rockinghorse's objective is to select, develop and market proprietary films and acquire and complete movies appropriate for commercially marketable feature films that appeal to audiences in all major territories and media throughout the world. The scripts have been, and will continue to be, selected and developed according to criteria for feasibility and marketability.

Rockinghorse Productions has and will continue to develop and acquire projects of any genre that can be produced in accordance with the Company's goals of producing motion pictures which have a wide audience appeal, and which headline marketable talent names. In each case, the Company uses extensive consultation with various marketing and publicity professionals to ensure that the risk is commensurate with the size of the targeted audience and the profile of projected demographics.

The Company focuses on stories with uncommon heroes with whom the audience readily identifies, and with unique settings and entertaining stories. When combined with the carefully selected and appropriate director and cast, these fundamentals ensure that each project has a reasonable prospect for not only immediate profit but also for long-term cash flow.

With unfettered access to top talent worldwide and significant experience from identifying and working on major motion picture successes over the last 30 years. The Company has used and will continue to use its considerable relationships with actors, directors, agents, and managers to gain access to "A-list" and near "A-list" talent. To ensure success in a very competitive marketplace, we intend to leverage its proven track record in attracting leading talent on highly acclaimed and successful movies. Management will use its principals' experience and reputation to negotiate favorable engagement terms for actors and directors of worldwide fame and marketability.

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